Monday, February 22, 2016

9.13 GeeMod 9.13G (20.02.13.)


9.13 GeeMod 9.13G

ADD: Rename Battle Button Mod
CHANGE: Replace X-Ray with ZJ X-Ray DEMO
CHANGE: Replace Shaddow Mod with BlackWoT Shaddow Mod (with new Options)

UPDATE: AutoEquip Mod (First you must select the Equipment for all Tanks in Hangar, in Future the Mod load the Equiment automatic)
FIX: Contour Icons mirrored with XVM default Config
FIX: If Disabled Damage Panel / Hitlog, XVM disabled too
FIX: Broken Destructibles work only with English Language
FIX: RedBall Mod make Tank invisible and crash after few Battles (Big Thanks 2 The Elements Of Life)

CLIENT: Misc Bugfixes in Updater Engine
CLIENT: Misc Bugfixes in Client
CLIENT: Internal Updater dont need more Clean Installs ;-)
CLIENT: Internal Updater can now update the Client Executable too.
CLIENT: Fix Error "Path File" not Found
CLIENT: Client Window can now move Position easier



  1. Still crashing after a few battles :(

  2. Not corrected the invisible tank isue and then crash after battle

  3. BTW, I love this mod pack and its way of install/uninstall them. If corrected the crash isue, it would be perfect. Good work and idea.

  4. If you have crashes, DISABLE ArtyIntuition Mod!

  5. I'll try that. Thank you