Monday, February 22, 2016

Stereotypes - Artillery Players



  1. hahahahaaaaaa fu clicker

  2. HAHHHHHAAAAAAA!@!!!! EPIC!!!!!!
    I have tears from laughing!

    1. zajebiste indeed. fck the clickers!

  3. I love this guy :)) he is so funny lel

  4. This is a Replay and that brainless guy who is speaking is only a Arty hater that didn't know how hard the real Gameplay on Arty is. I mean normal you get countered on that Arty position so fast and that noobs how get hit by this BC Arty didnt tell her Arty where his hit was coming from.
    Anyway this is one of 100 round where you can do more than 500dmg hits whit that BC Arty.

    Many guys call Arty OP but most of them never played a tier8+ Arty to see how noob like the teams are on that tier. There is no help and no backup but most of your round you get win by Arty support how killed a Camping enemy.

  5. 1 in 1000 game shown as typical arty player
    Lol pretty lame

  6. Kobus70 is best idiot ....

  7. Im a arty player , 8100 battles in my 53/55 , I love watching the clowns crying cancer when they get hit , I troll the fuck out of the top players in every match , I let go shots just to get the unicorns and watch them rage , you mouth off in a game about arty , you become my main focus and I wont give up targeting on you for an easy shot , bring it on crybabies