Thursday, March 17, 2016

9.14 BlackWoT PFMods V.4.3.0 By Polar Fox (Auto Language)


9.14 BlackWoT PFMods V.4.3.0 By Polar Fox (English version)

V.4.3.0 Change log:

4.3.0 (17-3-2016)
- Fixed inability to start by using a number of anti-virus
- Setting button transferred to the general list of mods
- Changed the CSS scheme (after renovation / addition to the module settings are not reset the settings made by the user)
- To change the language no longer need to remove settings.db
- Added automatic language selection depending on the game in the region (the ability to manually select (or preset language) remained)
- Fixed a sharp decline in the FPS in the hangar at the opening / closing of the clan or general chat
- Significantly accelerated customer load in comparison with the version 4.0.0
- Many small corrections and optimizations

How to prolong licence:

1. Register on
2. Click on "Добавить аккаунт"
3. Enter identifier from hangar to field "Идентификатор"
4. Click on "Продлить" and enter serial XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX



  1. Thanx, this is the best, not too much, only that Ones need.

  2. Changelog incorrect.

    - Fixed sound
    - Fixed bug with fonts and textures generators
    - Many small fixes

    new! - pkg_awareness: show installed eqipment over vehicle markers (default activation key - left ALT)

    - pkg_destruction: added sound notifications (disable by default)

    - pkg_watchful: fixed bug with incorrect sorting
    - pkg_watchful: optimisation

    - pkg_mturrets: fixed bugs with hangar settings

    - pkg_xrays: small fixes and optimisation

  3. after installing this shit my game is like slide show from 100 fps to 10.
    wasting time with this crap

  4. Doesn't work. Game freeze after battle load screen.

  5. im fine with PFMods 4.1.3.. works great. but HOW to remove ANOYING notification of new update who's first shit that im in-game? plz help!!

  6. So PFMods now are pay Mod u cant use it for free so i cloned PFMods as close as possible here you can download it