Wednesday, March 16, 2016

If You Could Change 3 Things In World Of Tanks...


Ectar - Community Manager WG EU

Hello guys, 

Got an interesting topic I'd like to bring up with you all and hope to get some constructive feedback.  Quite simply If you could change 3 things in World of Tanks, what would they be and most importantly, why/how? 

Before answering this question I need to put down some ground rules for answers.

  • No one word reasons. Please expand on your thoughts without answers like "Because I don't like it" or "because it's bad". 
  • No unrealistic suggestions, please think of things like the core gameplay, UI and experience (For example: Removing arty or any other class of vehicle is unrealistic and not going to happen).

Your feedback could be related to any aspect of the game, such as Clan Wars, eSports, Matchmaking, Map design, UI and Chat, Battle Mechanics etc etc.  Again please try to keep your suggestions realistic and think of the bigger picture and how it would effect the game in general.  Things like "Make tier 9 tanks cheaper" just because you're on tier 8 at the moment isn't really the kind of ideas/suggestions we're looking for (as that's a very specific individual concern).

Well, you got your chance fellow tankers: WEB LINK


  1. only 3,thats a damn joke?
    well i have 30 verry importend things that must be changed,can i post that? ^^
    and 60 things that can be changed to make wot a bit more playable!
    look at:
    at minutes:
    and you will find out whats damn fucking wrong with this damn fucking botter & subhumantrash game WG!

  2. for me one principal thing is ,change arty spot.armored warfare do a good thing about arty.they are all spot by the other arty in few second after shoot.sure in wot they have no the same speed .change motor of all slow arty for equilibred this problem and i think after it s better if ennemy arty can shoot you if you d ont move.and another thing is give again bonus of camou to the tds without turrels.many tds without turrels c ant be use now before that.see the enemy more short is hard for them they c ant move quickly for protect after shoot.
    sorry for my bad english

  3. "removing arty is unrealistic" - okay, then add button "I dont want to be playing with arty", dedicated arty scum gets BTFO. Every game without that constant stress of being blown into oblivion is a great game. We all know that first thing every WOT player does is checking if there is any arty in game. Seriously, arty is like retarded cousin - you play with him because you are forced to by parents (WG).
    Remove premium ammo or at least set carry limit, like 20%. I'm so tired of inability to learn weakspots those ketchup-bobs posses. They ding two or three rounds and start shitting out premium ammo like mad, even though they could easily pen my tank if they weren't shooting at gun mantle. Or those staty-paddies that go to lowtier matches with their tanks loaded with HEATS (also arty shooting HEATS is utter bullshit, remove).
    Remove scout matchmaking. Old mechanic that stopped serving its purpose and is more of annoyance than help.

    1. "constant stress of being being blown into oblivion"... Hide better? As an arty player myself i can say alot and i mean ALOT of the time i can't hit a tank because they are in a fire fight with a fellow teammate but are using their surroundings to their advantage to keep away arty fire. Some of these shot are even harder to make with the arty assistant mod.
      As for removing gold/premium ammo, thats never going to happen and the limit idea might apply to arty if at all. The only way gold/premium ammo will be fixed is 2 ways. 1) Increase price of it both by gold and credits or 2) only give premium ammo 10-20 more mm penetration with a boost in dmg per shot that way the user still has to aim for weakspots rather than "point, click, dmg". I agree with you on arty shooting HEAT (And i'm an arty player!!!) Arty should be restricted to one round being HE and no option for "gold HE".

  4. I think the biggest problems are the mods. Do I use them? Yes. Why? Because without using them I put myself in a big disadvantage (mostly to the players from PL, CZ,... ). Either everyone or noone. Make the game fair again.

    Fair? OK, second point is the MatchMaking. If there is one player who has not complained about it please show me that one! If there are enough players online why has it to be mixed Tier 3 to 5, 5 to 7... the lower tiers can hardly penetrate the big guys, even with shooting premium.

    Third point is the way the maps changed in disadvantage to the light tanks who play spotter. Since one year ago good maps disappear (Komarin) or get changed so the heavies have advantage but all cover/bushes are thinned out or are gone.

  5. I know this ain't the place to post it but don't care

    1. yeah agree with the arty problem, with the arty assistant mod makes it a lot easier to hit tanks, especially when hiding behind something. making it more like armored warfare show that arty are targeting you will make them suck a bit more or derp them all

    2. MM of course... sick of having a team of tomatoes vs a team of uni cums and they also have the better tank setup that's B.S when you know there is no chance... some people want to get rid of xvm but why, is it better to not know your team is tomatoes and there's is invincible.

    3. Credits... give more credits a few games where I am top player of the whole game and received minus credits and only used ap rounds mostly when using my auto loaders.
    and make apcr more expensive.