Monday, April 18, 2016

9.14.1 [LAMP] Sight Collection - Best Sights For World Of Tanks


9.14.1 [LAMP] Sight Collection - Best Sights For World Of Tanks

  • Over a Dozen of the Best Game sights for Arcade, Sniper, & Arty
  • Gun Constraint options
  • All Translated into English

WARNING:: Remember to REMOVE all files for a previous sight installed. Leaving them in will generally cause issues.

(Just look at the files included in various sights in my pack to know what types of files are generally in other sights, SWF's, XML's & .PYC files that must be removed.)
(.PYC files that should be removed are things like "ProSights", Sights, UniversalAims, MS, etc...)

IMPORTANT.... Not all sights are fully and individually tested each update, but I do replace required scripts which should generally allow the sites to work without issues.

Let me know if there are any problems, provide info, screenshots, etc!

Note: This pack is also included within [LAMP] Lee's ALL MOD Pack.

 - You MUST remove all previous sight related files, will cause conflicts, crashing, won't work, etc...
Everything with the name of "crosshair" within the res_mods\***\gui\scaleform\ (sometimes also in the "flash" folder). 
Files like Protanki.pyc, Sights.pyc, EasyCrosshairs.pyc, UniversalAims, FixRecreateDevice.pyc, Aims.pyc, etc. and folders and XML files with similar names, found in res_mods\***\scripts\client\mods\  or client\gui\mods\ 
- To change sight designs and options you MUST do so "In Battle".  Some sights have various options, others few.


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