Sunday, May 29, 2016

9.15 Helpics Modpack v 1.7.7 (29.05.16)


9.15 Helpics Modpack v 1.7.7

Selected mods and options:

      Autorepair + fire extinguisher ( gui setting in game)
      Destroy object on the minimap and in battle by Prostonoob
      Shadow tanks by Polar fox
      Reload enemy OTM By ZJ Demo   

      Laser (only see you) By Stealthz
      X-ray by Maktc40

      Something was hit  
      Red ball + Red poll
      White dead tanks 
      Crosshair by Jove
      Vehicle Markers  OTM ally WN8 

      Damage Log     HitLog Locations Top
      Default Minimap 

      Damage indicator by Andre _V   
      Carousel Rows 2
      Sixth Sense Orange Lamp 
+ sound 
      Loading screen by Helpics
  Armour penetration
      DamageLog by GambitER+Tanked and HitLog
      P_MoD Collection
      Commander Camera/ZoomOut
      ZoomX x2 x4 x6 x8 x10 x16 x20 x24
      Starting Sniper Zoom  x6
      No Intro Video 

      Session Stats Configs and Color Messages (stat after battle)  
      PMod Simple
      NoFog/Increased View Range

      Autoequip returns
      Spotted Lite
      MultiHitLog (wn8 in battle)
      Battle Assistant (G key)
      AutoAim - aimbot Shaytan Demo
      I*m spotted Announcer (only when less than 6 tanks left)

        Achievements, medals and awards during the battle
     Ultra fog remover
     Minimap Tankview (gun direction in minimap)
     Ut Announcer first Blood
     Voice of frags in battle 
     Voice of time until the end of battle 



  1. Tested work for me on UE server. Is possible change the language of the configurator from russian to english?

  2. crashing game everytime i try to play