Wednesday, June 22, 2016 Spotting Info Extended By VasyaPRO_2014 & Ekspoint

Advertisements Spotting Info Extended
By VasyaPRO_2014 & Ekspoint

- Informs you if you are not sighted yet.
- Informs you about proximity spot.
- Countdown timer for spotting.
- Informs you about the probability of you being unspotted again.
- All messages are in English
- All settigs are in: WOT\res_mods\\scripts\client\gui\mods\mod_spotting_info.json



  1. Replies
    1. - All messages are in English
      - You can edit them to what ever fashion you like here: WOT\res_mods\\scripts\client\gui\mods\mod_spotting_info.json

    2. Thx Plazma....You need a 'like' button on here :-)

  2. Does this work even if u dont have sixt sense ?

    1. How can it work if you don't have 6th sense ?
      There is no substitute for 6th sense, just well made assumptions.

    2. Well man since mods seem to be able to do wonders, I thought they had found a way around, after all I am not surprised of anything

    3. b4it
      "6th sense without perk !
      6th sense without the 6th sense perk with “Rudy The Dog” sound (barking) and warning sign when are you spotted.
      With two options:
      Yellow: You might be spotted, if the enemy crew is on 121% with BIA and additional consumables like cocacola or simmilar
      Red: There is very high possibilitie that you were spotted" ...Those spelling errors he has.

  3. B4it works without 6èp

  4. This does not work like b4it's super 6th sense, I just tested. I wish he released that, and the, "Info Panel to target (Show installed modules to target + real visible distance and Maximum visible distance) Modules and view range info panel for targeted vehicle."