Saturday, July 2, 2016 Apollo's Packk v1.2

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  1. Damage Logs (2versions)
  2. Laser by Stealthz
  3. ContourLook (2versions)
  4. Mav's Ultra Fog Remover
  5. Reload Timers (3versions)
  6. Autoaim (Blackwot, Sae, ZorroJan, Vanga, Mackt, Ogre)
  7. Paintball
  8. Sexy Battle Results
  9. Destroyed Objects on Minimap (3versions)
  10. Direction Box (3versions)
  11. Fire Extinguisher by Elkspoint
  12. Something was Hit (2versions)
  13. Battle Assistant
  14. Damage Indicators (2versions)
  15. Tundra (2versions)
  16. TeamPoolBar (standard or without background)
  17. AutoEquip
  18. Crosshairs (7versions)
  19. Zooms(noScroll, Scroll, ArtyZoom)
  20. Mark of Excellence Visiility (2versions)
  21. Session Statistics (2versions)
  22. Shadow (2versions)
  23. RedBall
  24. Hitmarker (ZJ)
  25. Green Tank Selection
  26. Repairs (2versions)
  27. Chameleon (Gox, Stealthz)
  28. RedPoll
  29.                         Wn8 Eff Dmg           etc etc!!!!!!



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  2. At this time this is the best modpack for me,good work,thanks.

  3. Nice pack. Both Tundras don't work, ZJ has pixelation problems. Should add XVM to the pack.

    1. Sorry only ZJ has pixelation problems. GOX Tundra is ok, do you know where the config file is located for GOX Tundra ?

    2. The Apollo's Packk is updated. The download link is the same. Xvm i will add only in the v1.3 ....Thanks for feedbacks!

    3. I also like the cleaning tools you provide upfront in the installation. XVM would be a nice addition!

    4. yes i will add xvm..... probably after the new patch of wot i will realease the v1.3 and in the v 1.3 will be xvm too...

    5. Hi Apollo, do you know where the config file for GOX Tundra is located ? I want to adjust the hotkeys.

    6. Nice install pack. GOX tundra.ini has no keyword for a hotkey, I'd like to adjust the settings.

  4. You may also want to add a Black Sky mod.

  5. Feedback: Vanga aimbot crashes wot on start.