Friday, July 1, 2016 PlazmaKeks Mod Pack V.4.0

Simple & stable.
Based on OMC mod pack with some addons.
Nothing special inside. PlazmaKeks ModPack V.4.0

- 100% stable
- NO fps eating mods

Change log:

- Updated most mods inside
- Updated XVM to dev 5784
- Updated ZJ mods
- Added Extra Aiming Info
- Changed ZoomX Stepping

Graphical settings, in case you are going blind from too much effects.

Whats inside- XVM V. dev 5784

- Minimap Extension (2 row, player/tankname)
- Last enemy position on minimap
- Minimap arty sight
- Compact player panel
- WN8 OLD 8 scale colors
- Auto login
- No intro
- Remember last server
- 2 row tank carousel
- Hangar zoom
- Zoom: 0.8, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28
- 500m zoom out
- Extended info in the hangar (tank info in the carousel – battle tier, gun marks, damage rating, tank mastery, win rate, battles, average damage, WN8)
-Default results window – team score
- 12 seconds 6th sense sound
- Warning 6th sense icon
- Tomsa’s Contour Icons
- Minimalistic Gun sight (white, with reload and penetration indicator – seriously old school type, sorry)
- Server reticle
- Zoom indicator
- Penetration indicator Extended
- Gun constraints
- Xft’s Integrated damage log
- Battle assistant
- Show client language and XVM usage
- Damage panel by Killerente 94 & Soloviyko (with repair timer)
- Game over notification
- Hitmarker by Aimdrol (damage, ramming, kamikaze)
- Damage indicator by GreenWarriors & RazNaRok
- Battle score display – Extended
- In game rating (WN8 + EFF + DMG)
- RTAN MLG edition
- Advanced aiming system
- Autoaim extended and snapping
- In game chat scrolling
- Tank highlight in the hangar and carousel transparency
-  Preview any tank
- Historic loading screen
- HD minimaps
- After battle stats window by PapaDigi_08
- Hangar tank icons by Aslain
- Battle loading screens – tactical
- Train wagons visibility skins by MAS629
- Paintball mod – damage stickers by ProTanki
- Disabled effects: smoke from destroyed tanks, exhaust pipes smoke, tree motion effect
- Session stats YasenKrasen with daily reset
- Marks of excellence
Hangar Manager V2.91 By Goofy67
- Free camera hangar mod by Goofy67
Auto Equip By skino88
- White dead tanks
- Historic tank crew icons
- zoom_extended
- Extra Arty info Display
- Destroyed objects on the minimap
ZJ Contour Look Build 032
- ZJ TargetDirection 008
- ZJ Reload 082
- DrWebber .exe tundra

Before you start a battle, disable XMQP and "Contacts comments and groups" on the XVM web site.
That's why 90% of crashes happen in this patch



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. jos samo tundra .fog remover i arty intuition i automatsko gasenje pozara i extra mod

    1. Tundru imas u .exe verziji, DrWebber je stavljen je NE UTICE negativno na fps.
      Arty intuition samo izaziva da vise promasujes na arty veceg tier-a.
      Automatsko gasenje pozara se veola lako detektuje jer je vreme reakcije fiksno, plus nekad se aktivira kad ti i ne treba (ostalo ti 30hp-a). Bolje stavi da ti je PP aparat na razmaku.

      Fog remover nisam ubacivao jer na nekim mapama stvara solidan lag a nekad i oce da kresuje igru.

  3. Auto login,if You can, dont add this to futer release. Its just annoying.

  4. Where is that config thing which you have shown in the last screenshot?

    1. XMQP settings ?

      You need to visit XVM website (where you activate XVM functions).