Thursday, July 28, 2016

9.15.1 Battle Assistant v.1.3.5 By Reven86


9.15 Battle Assistant v.1.3.5 By Reven86
Button J - On/Off
Settings are in:\scripts\client\gui\mods\mod_battle_assistant.txt



  1. I used to use the Battle Assistant included in Helpics Modpack 1.8.1 G key to activate no this new one uses the J key which I have been able to get used to. The other thing you used to be able to do was hold down space bar and a crosshairs would come up calculating where the target would move to if it was moving by the time your round arrived making it easier to hit moving targets but now that feature dosent work. Anyone know if they plan on putting that back in or if there is another assistant that has that?

    1. Arty Intuition mod is not yet updated to AS3. Probably when it's done that module will be added...