Wednesday, August 10, 2016

9.15.1 KehoBlue 15.1 V2 Hack Pack By Soulza


9.15.1  KehoBlue 15.1 V2 Hack Pack By Soulza


Full xvm stats (activate on website)
spotters crew extended
repair extended including fire ex
damage logs both taken and given
auto aim trial
blue sky all maps
tracers for arty
blue/red team colors
custom damage panel
custom minimap
vertical tec tree
custom tank icons
custom battle stats
research watchdog
zoom extended x 60
zj contour look
stats in battle mod(movable)
server crosshairs
inviz hits
custom debug panel (movable)
battle assistant for arty
audio sixth sense alarm with countdown
enemy health remaining
two row tank carousel
fixed middle marker of kellerman blue gunsight
redone players panels
redone fragg markers
made minimap names blue
added movable battle timer mod
streamlined some code within xvm config.



  1. Is there any way to just have the interface?

    1. You will have to to ask the author, follow the source link...