Wednesday, August 31, 2016 DarkTeam Tundra V.4.1 By Android


(sorry, old picture - I'm to lazy for a new screenshot) DarkTeam Tundra V.4.1 By Android

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  1. Cannot download. Ad site in the middle is spreading malware in JavaScript and AV is blocking it.
    It never did that before so it's not AVs false-positive. Change the ad provider mate.

    1. How about I don't change some 3000+ posts because of your useless free antivirus :)

      Get a better av mate, the one you have is just useless if he is reporting as a malware site...

    2. It's ain't free and it's good. I live from fixing PCs so I guess I will keep my AV of choice. And it did not report the site, it blocked some files the site pushed to my TEMP during the ad-skip countdown and tried to run it. JS/DownloaderAgent_M to be precise.

      It wasn't about itself but about that particular generated ad itself, good ad providers monitor their featured ads for malicious code.

      No need to be cocky, I just want you to be aware that this ad provider throws everything at the user without any checkup.

      Godt weekend :)

    3. You do understand that I use my own site for downloading mods ?

      So what you just said is that your browser excepts all sorts of cookies without even bothering to ask you ?

      Seriously mate, you need to work on your settings...