Tuesday, September 27, 2016

9.15.2 Arty Reload By Adri1 (UPDATED)


9.15.2 Arty Reload By adri1

All mod text is translated to English
All mod settings are in: res_mods\\scripts\client\mods\artyReloadTimer.json




  1. ERROR: [ERROR] (mod_artyReloadTimer, 439): 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'as_setShadowS'

    I will test it for 1 hour and look if it crash the game.

  2. Anyone can give some feedback? Especially if it makes game crash and very important, if it gets conflict with ,,marker re-load,, from ZJ - ZorroJan, aswell if it causes negative effects on shells - making them invisible on flying and hitting target??? I`ll appreciate very much and I`m sure all users will appreciate answears on this main problems! Thx in advance... and btw RESPECT 100% to Plazma for all this hard work, just to make all of us happy and updated with everything and of course to all mod makers - pure geniuses!

    1. If you run this mod by itself, it runs fine. But that's not what the above person was saying. There are conflicts with other mods, like ZJ's Marker Reload. In my opinion, ZJ's mod is more important to have (not that this one isn't nice) which means I can't use this mod because of the conflict. That's what he is trying to say: that he appreciates all of the hard work of the modders and that he is asking if it is possible for conflicts with other mods to be worked out. He also asked if other users could submit information that would help the modders come up with a solution.