Friday, June 16, 2017 Wot_Toolz - WoT Cache Cleaner By OldWarser

Advertisements  Wot_Toolz - WoT Cache Cleaner By OldWarser

Built specifically to reduce loss of FPS in game.
This will also help in the release of RAM, making your game run faster and better.
No modifications needed, just clean that cache you want to clean and your set.
Built for all Windows (32 and 64 bit)



  1. "Clearing caches" won't do anything to improve your FPS. It also won't do anything to reduce RAM consumption. This is basically voodoo... Additionally, it's super unwise to run random executables from the web... particularly if the only thing they purport to do is erase a few files. This could have easily been done with a .bat file.

  2. and steal your account

  3. Stop using silly shit like that and just get i5 + 1060 you poor bitches

  4. a) this shit does NOT work, one load of error Messages
    b) this one works, a simple vbs-skript:
    Website (I dont understand one word but the cachecleaner works):