Tuesday, February 28, 2017

9.17.1 PFMods By Polar Fox


9.17.1 PFMods By Polar Fox


AWARENESS - display of installed equipment over the markers technique
CHAMELEON - display collision models in battle
DESTRUCTION - destruction on the minimap
LASER - lasers
EWA - aimbot
MTURRETS - direction guns on the minimap
OUTSIGHT - sphere outside of rendering range
SHADOW - the shadow
TUNDRA - removal of vegetation
RELOADING - reloading
HEALTHCARE - repair, automatic fire extinguisher
BLINDSHOTS - something was hit module
BREAKABLE - removal of destructible objects
WATCHFUL - enemy direction awareness (advanced direction box)
REDBALL - red ball for the arty
XRAYS - advanced contour mod

  • AWARENESS - display of installed equipment on over arget markers
    • The ability to customize the position of the indicators
  • CHAMELEON - display collision models in battle
    • The ability to display only when you aim on enemy tanks
  • DESTRUCTION - destruction on the minimap
    • The ability to display the direction of the destruction
    • The ability to customize the appearance of indicators
    • The ability to display ingame indicator at the exact position of the destroyed object
    • The ability to display animation on the minimap
    • Ability to configure maximum number of displayed indicators
    • Sound notifications
    • Settings in the hangar
  • LASERS - lasers
    • The ability to display only when you aim at the enemy tank
    • The possibility of repainting laser color depending of the danger - bigger gun different color
    • The ability to display lasers for the allied tanks
    • The ability to customize colors
  • EWA - aimbot
    • Various types of indicators for targeted  tanks
    • The anticipation of movement and specialized targeting for moving targets (with separate setting for tanks and SPGs)
    • Custom autoaim point for enemy tanks
    • Automatic weak spot script
    • Manual aiming indicator for moving targets
    • Extended radius for enemy targets
    • Target acquisition behind obstacle
    • Lock useless shots
    • The ability to disable the Parking brake for equipment usage
    • The possibility of aiming at chassis when holding down a hotkey (can be adjusted in settings)
    • Specialised script for smoothing jerks (gun stabilisation) when making sharp changes in tank direction 
    • Specialised script for correction of pre-emption (moving target aiming) and smoothing depending on ping
    • Specialised script for tracking of target's after disappearance
    • The ability to manually adjust the output label (html)
    • Detailed adjustment of many other parameters from the hangar
  • MTURRETS - gun direction on the minimap
    • The ability to separate display settings for enemies/allies/Union SPGs
  • OUTSIGHT - 3D sphere outside of rendering range
    • A choice of models to display sphere or pole
    • The ability to display the names tanks
    • The choice of color models (only balls)
    • The ability to display only allies or enemies
  • SHADOW - shadow
    • Several options on how the "shadow" is displayed (normal, repainted solid, translucent, or collision model)
    • The ability to display the remaining HP in over target markers
    • The possibility of re-display by using hotkey's
    • Settings in the hangar
  • TUNDRA - removal of vegetation
    • Separate settings for arcade/sniper/strategic(for art-ACS) mod's
    • The ability to specify a maximum distance for TUNDRA effect's
    • The possibility of using hotkey's to disable TUNDRA for better situation awareness  (N by default)
  • RELOADING - reloading
    • The ability to separately display allies/enemies/squad
    • The possibility of detailed settings of markers (color, on/off of the animation, layout, display accurate time and more)
    • The ability to display additional marker in the form of strips
    • The ability to display the reload of artillery on a separate panel
    • The ability to display the reload of artillery in player panels (ears)
    • Different sound notifications
    • The ability to display the intended type of the loaded projectile
    • The ability to display the number of shells in the clip for autoloaders
    • Automatic correction of the cooldown (reload variability due to eqipment and consumables)
    • Automated rammer and commander-loader script
    • Settings for manual inclusion of the modifiers (extra rations, BB)
    • ...and so many other details and settings allowing you to customize almost everything
  • HEALTHCARE - repair, automatic fire extinguisher
    • The ability to automatically extinguish a fire (with a time setting option)
    • Repair script for hotkey's
  • BLINDSHOTS - "something was hit" script
    • The ability to display tank model that was hit (with the re-display when you hold down a hotkey)
    • Ability to enable/disable notification sounds
    • The ability to display hits done by platoon
    • The ability to customise notifications in the hangar
  • BREAKABLE - removal of destructible objects 
    • The ability to hide obstacles only when you aim
    • Several modes of operation
    • The ability to specify the hotkey for hiding all the obstacles
    • The ability to set the maximum radius for removal
    • The possibility of use in conjunction with the included SHADOWS module in the game settings
    • Settings in the hangar
  • WATCHFUL - enemy indicator (advanced direction box)
    • 4 types of indicators (1,2 - depending on range, 3 - open for fire purposes, 4 - enemy's gun pointed at the player's tank)
    • The ability to configure the maximum number of indicators on the screen
    • The ability to disable unnecessary indicators
    • The ability to customize the range for the primary indicators
    • The ability to select your color for any indicator (12 options)
    • The ability to display indicated targets in the crossover marker technique
    • The ability to display the approximate location of artillery on the minimap. Also giving approximate location of tanks hidden on the map (taking into account the trajectory of the projectile and the maximum range)
    • Settings in the hangar
  • REDBALL - red ball for the arty
    • The display of the marker on the minimap with SPG model
    • Display messages in chat (only for player) and panel shells (with coordinates on the minimap and the approximate range)
  • XRAYS - advanced contour mod - x-ray
    • The ability to display only in sniper mode
    • The possibility of assigning a separate color for targets that are available for aiming
    • The possibility of adjusting viewing angle for the contour
    • The possibility of setting the maximum range of  the contour
    • Simple appearance settings (color/transparency) from the hangar



  1. is it a free trail?

  2. the page on the wot forum is inaccessible

  3. Price PF MOD

    30 days - 3$.
    60 days - 5$.
    90 days - 7$.
    180 days- 15$

    +7 additional profiles on the website - 5$. By default their 2, if they are not enough can purchase additional. http://pfmods.com/

  4. ananızın amına girsin

  5. for pay end play must use real name in game?

  6. Great, clean work !!! 60days for me

  7. Getting serious lag (on NA server) with this mod pack ? Is anyone else experiencing lag (on NA server) when using this mod pack ?

    1. I removed this mod pack and the lag is gone. One of the mods is causing some serious lag issues to the point the game is unplayable - the author needs to look at this since I'm sure others must be encountering the same thing. I have no other mods installed except xvm.

  8. same I get mega lag when I use it its because the guy added alot of graphical additions

  9. is this mod pack for free or trial?

  10. pay for mod = never!!!!!!!!!!