Friday, October 28, 2016

Because We Actually Love This Game


DISCLAIMER: I have been cooking this in my head for a long time, but this video has pushed me to actually sit down and write something. I love WoT, but after 5+ years and numerous disappointments I will try to summarize what needs to be redone or our favorite game will turn into total shit. If anyone from WG even looks at this, please, this is written with best intentions in mind.

If you don't like to read a lot, feel free to skip this post.

Thank you...

PS: sorry, gramma nazi's will have field day with this one :)
PS2: not PG12 content :)

I have been playing since closed BETA and some things just need attention immediately . No particular order, just issues that need to be addressed since they do make us (regular players, players who love this game) go mental.

1. Arty:

- yes I will actually start from arty. For ages now they tried to rebalance it, redone it (sandbox server) but it's always the biggest pain in the ass. Let's get to the point - getting wrecked for 70+% of your HP is totally fucked up. How to fix arty ? Honestly I don't know.
- I started using OldSkool Arty Logger (mod is keeping track on how many times and for how much HP in % had arty fucked you up). I got hit in around 6% matches for totall of  9000HP in about 100 battles, patch 9.16. So I can say (ohhh, I can feel the rage wave coming in for this one) arty is not raping me that hard - but it still makes me go ballistic. Why ? Because people easily remember bad things. And there is nothing worst than having a game of the week and then out of nowhere get a -1400HP. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFuck !!!

- One possible solutions: adding an indicator for arty shots (like 6th sense) and/or prolonging the flight time of the shell - to give at least some chance to move. Also, maybe removing any depression of arty so it cannot fire directly on tanks close by ("come behind the corner if you dare" situation).
- I understand to some extent arty players. I honestly can't play it. The long reload, total RNG when shooting. Not for me. But we got a lot of arty players in this game and they just cannot be cut out.

2. +- 2 MM:

- Good side; when you are top tier you can rape low tiers (even a really bad played can have a boner when he is top tier). This kind of MM also helps WG make money. Low tier's suffer and suffering in this game can be lowered by using prem tanks/ammo.
- WG makes money from lowering your suffering in this game. I can understand that, but why is WoT Blitz working normally with +-1 MM ?!? No need to bull shit us about how the server will take much more time to create a team with +-1 MM. Let's just say it loudly: THIS HELPS WG MAKE MONEY.
- The story about how this system is made to teach people to play better is just pure BS. If someone wants to learn he will learn (youtube, wikiwot etc). Useless scum just stays even more useless.
- So, yea, I want +- 1 MM. Reason why I love my SP and IS6 - I can actually do something in every match without any gold ammo.
- At least give the low tiers (up to tier 6) preferential MM, so people can actually start to love the game and learn.

3. Maps:

- Holy shit, where to start from...
- 70% of maps are fully open (TD/arty heaven) - no life for slow tanks. Armour has no meaning then you get caught in the open. Got KV-4/E100/Maus/any Japan heavy, you know what I mean. (where is my tent, gone camping)
- Tunel maps - holy cow, 60% of tanks have no armour. Imagine going head on with a team full of medium tanks against a whole bunch of heavy TD's (also a MM bull shit creating teams with totally opposite setups). Arty will always concentrate on that one spot and we got that camping issue again.
- A while ago WG did that map "redigging" (adding more small hills and holes), well that really helped the Chinese tanks with 3% depression (facepalm). Then they kinda sorted that but it's still full of unneeded shit.
- Erlenberg (18% matches are a draw) - how many times was it redone ? Swamp, Dragon Ridge. The list goes on forever. Yes, the new maps look great (kudos to the people who made them beautiful) but holy fuck they suck in terms of gameplay.
- How the fuck can Himmelsdorf and Mines still be good ? Did they kill the fellow who made them ? I got a theory: people who make maps DON'T play the game (well, not anymore at least).
- How much working hours got lost, money spent on useless maps that got scraped ?
- Get better mapmakers FFS !!!

4. High Penetration:

- Armour has no meaning in this game (a tank game FFS!!!).
- You got armour - enemy team loads gold - problem solved.
- If your tank depends ONLY on armour then it's TOTAL SHIT !!! (Maus owners, you know how it goes). E100 at least has a great gun.
- Having armour is a bonus, not a gameplay feature. (A TANK GAME CARL !!!)

- Yes, this drives the usage of prem tanks and premium time - WG makes money.
- 3 calibers rule - why the fuck is my IS-3 getting penetrated thru the roof by some small shit from 300 meters away with 100% damage rolls ?!?
- How to solve it: lower damage from prem rounds. Yes, they still pen but do 50-60% nominal damage. Hard cap for gold ammo - I think it's a useless solution.

5. Bushes (not the president's):

- Shooting bushes - Grille 15 is smiling.
- Every map has so many bushes that it's almost impossible to move then TD's are just waiting for you. Everyone knows the 15 meters game mechanic and you just sit and wait or get obliterated by TD's.
- Again WoT Blitz: much less bushes, much more dynamic gameplay.
- Shooting thru that dense forestation if just pure pain. Even following a fast tank gets your eye's bleeding. No wonder so many people use Tundra mods.
- There is a war on, not a fucking national park simulation game.

6. Shit Premium Tanks:

- "Every man has his own poison". But some are just fucking useless. Thanks to Murazor that is now getting fixed but a lot of tanks need rebalance.
- Crew training needs to get a buff on premium tanks. Yes, paying for something needs to give you a better bonus.
- +-1 MM for all prem tanks would be nice. Yes, this would fill random battles with them but hell, I rather enjoy grinding money than sit in the back and hope to get a side shot.

7. RNG (+-25%)

- Simple fact: any tank in the game has a 50% (!!!) wide damage range. You can roll a 360 dmg or 610 damage shot with a 490 dmg gun. That's 250 HP difference !!! Penetration is also like that. So, literally every "magic bullet" situation can be explained by WG with RNG.
- This how the whole "conspiracy theory" started. I didn't penetrate a 100% penetration shot but the enemy tank on low health just snap shotted me. (yes, we all had one of those)
- This is a game, not a fucking Las Vegas roulette. I don't want to guess my next roll !!! So, please 10-15% RNG.
- Since I started using  ZJ HitMarker (it gives you an exact roll in % - if roll low -23%, high +18% etc) I noticed how fucked up that system actually is. Fucking hilarious penning a medium from the back for a low roll.
- Also, why the fuck getting shot in the commander's cupola get's 100% damage ?!? Non essential modul hits need to get 50-60% damage. Imagine how Tortoise would love that. Seriously, that would make some tanks have their brawling role back. WG say's that this feature would confuse players. Wait, what ?!? Just add a sound notification  from the crew - problem solved (we hit them hard - essential module hit, we just scraped them - non essential hit)
- Tracks on a light tank eating up BL10 shots, ZERO damage penetrations, miracle bounces... Nope, that's not a game feature, it's fucking magic...

8. Medical issue players on high level tanks:

- Oh yes, you all remember I posted whose medical miracles with +20k and below 300wn8. Let's get one thing strate: a BOT plays on a 500wn8 level, with 48% win rate. So going below that means ONLY one thing: this is a "player" that pens ONCE every second or third game. Again: one penetrating shot in 2 or 3 games. And he dies every time.
- For the situation to be worst, with this kind of "tanking" you can own a tier 10 tank/tanks. We all had games with "people" like that (IS7 sniping from 400+ meters with HE)
- What can be done - nothing.

9. Peks, Equipment, Consumables:

- We need perk rebalance - because we ALL use the same perks for our top crews (5+ perks). We all go BIA, repair, 6th sense, etc. More perks that will give advantage for a certain tank class. Maybe even implementing some of the "forbidden mods" into the game as perks (read the section on mods).
- Increase premium tank crew training bonus. Owning a prem tank will have bigger benefits - WG makes more money.
- Equipment, same story. Every tank the same, only difference are autoloaders and light's. Let's add equipment that will actually (again) help a certain class.
- Consumables: almost everyone use the scripted repair, fire extinguisher, med kit. Did you know that 70% of people don't even know you can put the action button for your fire extinguisher (FE) on SPACE ? How many times did you see a tier 10 burn for 50% HP ? Those fellows can't hit the 6 button or they even did not load a FE. Let's help everyone: Small FE will activate automatically and will work only ONCE per battle, big FE will decrease chance of fire by 25% (just as it is now) and can put down infinite number fires per game. Repair kits: small will repair one module, big can repair an infinite number of modules per battle (I would actually use the big one then, not just sell them every time). WG again has benefits - people spend more credits in game.
- Smoke grenades - how long will we wait for that ? Seriously ?!?

10. Mods:

- Please, don't give me any BS on this one, if mods are that overpowering I would have 3000wn8.
-  If someone want's realism and hard core then they are playing the wrong game.
- Why add mods into the game: situational awareness...
- Several ideas what to add from the whole lineup of fully legal mods: paintball mod (WoT PS4 has very nice hit marks where the tank got penetrated - they glow, like really hot metal), more gun sights, Hangar Manager V2.91 By Goofy67 (yes, I want to change hangars on the fly, having a premium hangar just because I pay is BS), better damage panel with damage log (what we have now ingame is too simple, there are other superb solutions), HP Team Pool (yes, because I want to know how we bleed HP when loosing), fucking ingame clock (hangar also - so fucking hard to make one WG ?), damage taken indicator (that would wake up a huge number of players that get hit and DO NOTHING), zoom stepping (you can choose in what steps zoom works - 2,4,6,8,10,12 etc), efficiency calculator (so useless cunts can see that they suck and need to work harder), Snapping (this should be a default option for the gunner. In a real tank 3-4 crew members have their own specific duties. WoT one player must do all of those, why not add this, life would be much easier for everyone), I can go on for ever. Just try OMC or Aslain mod packs - this is how ingame mods should look like. Small teams make them work every patch but a whole army of coders in WG needed 5 years to make a damage counter ?!? (efficiency at it's best).
- Add some mods as perks: yes, that would close the whole paranoia around forbidden mods. Advanced perks, you can research them as a 3th or 4th perk only (so you would need a really good crew). Some ideas on how to implement:
Tundra - advanced aiming ability, perk for the gunner, available only as a 4th perk, every 1% of this perk will make the foliage transparent 0.5%. So a fully researched perk will make the foliage n50% transparent.
Direction box - advanced situational awareness, available only as a 4th perk for the commander, every 25% of the perk will add one indicator (25% - green, 50% - red, 75% - purple, 100% - purple+aim indication)
X-ray - advanced recon perk, available only as a 4th perk for the radio operator.
Destroyed Objects - advanced radio operator skill, available only as a 5th perk for the radio operator.
We can literally add any mod like this and make great crew's worth pure gold. The game will become more dynamic and easier for the average Joe.
- benefit: crew training becoming even more important - prem tanks selling more.
- BTW: crew retraining into other specialities should be available for credits. I have whole battalion of radio operators jerking off in barracks - NO WAY IN HELL I WILL PAY 600 GOLD FOR THAT SHIT !!!

11. Chat and game violations:

- Cross team chat needs to get back into the game. Why ? Because I want to say GG to the enemy team. Because closing it means that WG cannot make a damn word filter and cannot ban people for insult. Because why bother to make the game better, just close a game feature and be done with it.
- Ingame reporting is totally useless. More often used to just let steam out but helps NOTHING. Insults, nazi shit, location unveiling should be bannable by at least a week (and just double it every next time). If the system, as it is now worked, I would be always chat banned - I do like to comment.
- Unfair play (pushing/blocking) - WG cannot deal with every single case... Why ? Don't have the manpower ? Are you shitting me ?!? You make 500 millions per year. Invest some money,  you lose customers to scum that adds nothing to the game.
- BOT's - there is no way in hell that WG will ever convince me that they cannot detect a BOT. Seriously, just start scanning people with high battle numbers and low wn8. That will solve some 70% of the problem. You seriously think that a human can play every day for 20 hours ? C'mon... Ohhh, but BOTing can work properly if you pay premium time and use premium tanks. And how many people get to see tier 10 tanks driven by a tier 1 mindset ?

12. Team composition and team MM:

- Skill based MM - hell NO. You want that, go to ranked battles. AW had it, almost ruined the game.
- Similar team composition - hell yea.
- Having 10 lost matches in row - THE MM IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY !!!
- Having matches lost by 13 tanks - THE MM IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY !!!
- Having matches lost under 5 minutes - THE MM IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY !!!
- Having a tier 10 match where 1-2 tanks did more than 1000dmg - THE MM IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY !!!
- 3-5-7 team composition would be very nice if they implement it.
- Too many same tanks in one team (a bunch of Grille 15's etc) - hell NO.

13. New game mods.

- Steel hunt etc- useless shit.
- You make such great fun event's (WW1, Chaffe races etc) - keep them, update them. We loved them !!!
- Historical battles - let me get this straight, 4 guy's can make CyberBOT but an army of coders in WG cannot make historical battles with BOT's ?!? Seriously !!! (I say that a lot, I know). Why can't  we get a battle where (for instance) 4 Tiger I (with L56 gun's) fight against waves of T-34/T34-85's ? Oh yea, it will load the servers even more and people can actually play that for fun without the need to suffer and pay... Fuck you... No one wants to grind tanks forever. I don't need credits from historical battles but I would love to buy tanks just for them.

(thank you for reading this far, I probably missed a lot of issues but I'm to old to remember everything)

1. Who ever is planning the future of WoT PC is probably surprised by how long is this game still popular - because they fail to make any good long term plans for the future.
2. Yes, WG fixed the graphic engine (GJ on that one, finally), sound is awesome now. This needed to be done ages ago.
3. Where is HAVOK - scraped. History battles - scraped. Night mod - scraped. Dynamic weather - scraped. Smoke curtain - scraped. So many good ides scraped for what ?
4. Dear WG, for the love of God get new people that love this game, people who play this game and start making this game for us, the tankers. Don't invest money and time into some overthinked BS.


  1. well budy I can tell you my experience in WOT, I love this game, i play in NA server,im from méxico,i have 28 years, playing the game for 2.3 years i have invested a few money in the game and play a lot of tournaments to win gold, i think i am an unicum player with 2 years too close for 3 years, i have bad stats but anyway, i download a lot of mods from your website, NOW my experience with WOT especifically to a CYBERTANK bot, was Wargaming BANNED MY ACCOUNT permanent, i have apology to the staff and they unblocked my account back, but they wipped all my accounts, all my tanks, all my crews, all my credits. they just let me to keep my premium tanks and gold. so anyway i love wot, i know this game is not perfect, but i think the other tanks games sucks, i declare im a wot fanboy and long live wot.

  2. 1000% true (not a typo btw). Finally someone else is agreeing with what i've been thinking for about 1 year now.
    Look at the NA Server player count, 2 years ago WG-NA was bragging about having 500k+ players on their servers at the same time... look now. On a long weekend you might reach 45k (very rare though), that's a 91% drop in player count. The count has gotten so low that when they post on the website a really good prize people always want (free tank, premium consumables, heck even gold) and instead of informing you what the mission details are on the website, they write "log into the game and select the missions tab for details" just to get you logging in to see the mission. just sad.

  3. moneyhungry shit game, only fraud!

  4. you must add a potato at the end of the post plazma

  5. - Tracks on a light tank eating up BL10 shots, ZERO damage penetrations, miracle bounces... Nope, that's not a game feature, it's fucking magic...

    e ovo je potpuno tacno

  6. My friend, all too true. I had also simmilar ideas how to make this idea of an awesome game better. Ability to rent premium tanks for a day/week/month for example. Why should I pay for a tank if I do not like it. This way WG makes money and players can actually test the new vehicles. Its just an idea though... In any case, keep up the good work plazma. I uzivaj u keksima :)

  7. Awesome....agree totaly. Good job. Hope WG read this post and learn something...

  8. I add only one thing towards maps - slow big tanks were pummeled by invisible bushes so they added lots and lots of cover.
    That way in a typical engagement unbroken LOS is below 300 metres and most of the time you can't shoot at longer distances.
    So light tanks are useless because they can only spot targets that are behind a ridge/hill/other obstacle or spot targets that everyone sees for himself.
    Arty doesn't do enough damage to be useful income source for light tank

  9. So well spoken sir..

    I have been working for mid sized companys for 20 years now. There is NOTHING that is not calculated from Wg's side. They started to make the game for you, but when people get hooked, it all changes to make the game for them. They spend more time calculating, and planing how to do as little work as posible, while maxing profit.

    That means, that bots, cheats, mods etc just get free room, since they are all big contributers with money. They will NEVER scan for cheats, illigal mods and bots, because to many use it, and they would loose money. No hope there.

    Funny part is, i worked with valve on anticheat system, and how to make game better. I was a semi pro cs player, and they asked me to help. They actually made 6 times more money when the valve anticheat system was developed just on css, since people bought a new key when busted. That one " help to valve" payed my house.

    2. Does the video come in english to ?

    3. People like you should start making their own version of wot. There are just no new insight or revolutionary shit going on at WG headquarter. I see modders and people in community being so much more fresh about the game, than those who actually makes money from it.

    1. Yep, too late and too slow.

      Unfortunately for now only in Russian, not even subtitles :(

      Again, unfortunately WG would never even consider hiring someone who actually plays this game (plays for the fun of it, not because he must). If you remember Jingles video on his visit to Cyprus WG HQ ? Every legitimate question was answered: we will see ? See what ?!?

      And Jingles, QB and Rita have been nice with the questions, I would probably end up being thrown out by security :) (because I like to make trap questions and Victor K. would NOT like that).

    2. That was one of the most crindge worthy interviews i ever seen. Clearly Jingles wanted to confront em with ALOT of questions, but prob wasent allowed to, or was to kind. They do kinda live from WG's products, so they cant ask the same questions, like the tread starter.

      Personal rant: To fuck every thing up, arty weekend ?.. Found that arty log mod. Thx for that one buddy.. And from 55 games, damage is up to 25% of all damage, and its in lights, and fast meds.. I do not even dare take TD or Heavys !!

  10. Really well said...

  11. Well the game would bee much more better whit out of these illegal mods.

    1. As I said, if you want hard core game WoT is not for you. WoT is arcade shooter. Thus the need for modded game clients.
      If this was a hard core war simulation (like War Thunder historical battles) then I would ofc support a vanilla game client.

  12. 14 - cheaters, oh wait

  13. The wn8 is this games cancer!Light tanks and meds sniping behind td:s to statpad wn8. Wn8 counting must go so that you doent get it doing damage whit lights and meds,only whit asistant dmg.

    1. Yep, the formula needs to be changed but WG still is not doing anything about making light tanks more fum to play (make them a more $$$ worthy class). Just living out off spotting damage is a lost cause...

  14. Hi all, hi plazma(pozdrav, pisacu i ja na engleskom).

    I will try to give some constructive critics about the whish list and maybe add something on it.

    1. Arty:

    - well if there is no arty it is not the same game. Adding battle mod without artyes could be a solution to the problem (like historyc battles etc.)
    - personally i like to play artyes while drinking coofie
    - totaly agree on arty td mod...this should be out of the game
    - there is so many ways to be one shooted on your week game ( t30 ammoracked me in t54 at least 10 times, not to speak of KV2, japanese havyes (that should be out of the game), ISU, SU etc.)
    - do you know how many times i hit tier 7 or 8 havy with tier 6 arty and do zero dmg. or scratch it for 1-100 hp?

    2. +-2:

    - +-1 is ok...but i am certan that it will increase mm time, same goes for more balanced teams in term of vehicles. I would be willing to wait but maybe many others wont, even now you have to wait over a minute to get in battle sometimes. Maybe +-1 till tier 8, then you can get your BL10 in tier 10 fight :)

    3. Maps:

    - It looks to me that maps are made for 10+ minutes fights, which is extremely rare this days, so maps loose against whishes every time
    - Better MM could make maps more usable ( no TDs and more then 4 havyes on Erlenberg for example, faster tanks less draw battles and less camping)
    - Some maps should be limited on tiers of tanks, like Mittengard
    - Just to say, I am not happy with maps just proposing what to do with what we have till new maps arrive
    - Another solution is to give players ability to choose which map they want to play if they are willing to wait for battle it is their choice

    4. High Penetration

    - This one is tough to balance, so they got us gold ammo but fcked up aiming many shot go balistic even on close range
    - OK, lets make gold do less dmg but lets make gold go for credist only, not for gold. Maybe if you have to play the game to be able to buy gold it would be less used....less money for WG and less advantage for clan members that holds bunch of teritories on the global map
    - To really balance this issue require per tank aiming sistem (cromwell vs O-I, front pen pure luck, side pen require open map to be safe from one shot, back pen from time to time same as front) so if we give cromwell laser point accuracy we maybe be close to balance without gold, but what when op cromwell is not against some ultra havy, we just made it WOT i think that this issue is complex and very hard to solve

  15. 5. Bushes

    - comparing BLTZ with PC WOT has no sence to my opinion, less players, less time, smaller need for bushes
    - I dont know why your eyes bleed, no grass in sniper mode and bush transparency(this might not be correct option, my game is in serbian, PROVIDNOST RASTINJA,options in graphic settings) makes me easy to follow any tank while sniping
    - Less bushes for TD-s makes them easy target for arty and anything else, this could be the problem for low armour td-s and for all low tier td-s
    - Random bushes are effecting line of sight and has huge inpact on the gameplay without even players noticeing it. While you move with your tank every bush between you and enemy is taken in calculation of spoting ability as camo factor so less bushes makes games even faster then now. I think that average battle time for 90% of players is less then 5 minutes, at least 10 dies in both or one team in less then a 4 min.

    6. Shit Premium Tanks:

    - We need better MM then tanks would need less rebalance, not that many of those need it anyway
    - Yes buff crew training on premium tanks but only on those that have to be bought for money not for gold in tech tree(again clan members are in advanage)

    7. RNG

    - I hate accuracy sistem, even leopard 1 have some arty like shots
    - And again better MM less rng +-1 better then +-2, at least we could find some logic in those ding dong music
    - Some spots on tank are more vulnerable then others and i think it shold stay like that, I mean when you hit 4cm line on top of the tank that should hurt it much
    - What i do not understand is AP ammo hit that wound driver, commander, ammorack and track at the same time, if you track LT with ISU 152 track it for 20s if it doesnt have repair kit, not for 10...this might be a compromise that will recuire per tank combination configuration and thousands more CPU-s to calculate this :)
    - Only thing that might motivate players to play is when they hit they pen, so every shot pen but dmg percent to vary. If tier 6 med hits tier 8 havy with ap that makes 120 average dmg it goes down to 60 or so....10 shots in a raw that just ding and recuire that your position be behind or on the side at 90 degrees angle just boost frustration of average player

    8. Medical issue players on high level tanks:

    - you said it all but we have to take in to account that very small kids play this game, maybe some option that could take age in to account and give those kids more interesting games when play against eachother and save older players from frustration
    - ofc that anyone could say that he/she is 5 yrs old...but i would not let him/her change that so play with 5 yrs old till the end of time and limit tier to 5 or 6 or even lower
    - this way problem would not be solved but it might lower 20k games wn8 300 in high tier games, or lets say that if you want to explore higer tier tank you need to have effi. that wg calculets on certan level so if you want to play tier 10 tanks you must have ratio over 5k (just as example)

  16. 9. Perks, Equipment, Consumables:

    - Perk rebalance could change the gameplay but not just adding new, what i would suggest is that same perk doesnt give same advantege on every tank class. Perks for sight distance should give bonus to lights as it is now but give less to meds even lesser to havyes and just small amount to td and arty. Driving perks on soft soil give more advantage to havyes and less to lights etc. That kind of rebalance is better in my opinion than just adding new perks that again everyone will use if they are better then currently available
    - Being able to coordinate eyes, hands, fingers is one of the aspects that makes us better or worser players, despite the mods
    - Smoke granades...extremely 300e for grapic card :)

    10. Mods:

    - Mods are supercool and available to everyone so no advantage there, if you want to play the game learn how. I mean use internet to get knowledge about the game.

    11. Chat and game violations:

    - Make clear rules and who breaks them ban for some time if not permanently. Log chat from the game in some encripted file and make script that can check files when it is submited to support. Idiots often make false accounts just to be jerks in the game. Hard to find solution without BIG man power.

    12. Team composition and team MM:

    - Enough said

    13.New game mods:

    - The more the merrier

    -I would like option to play without platoons(to many reasons to write)
    -This is arcade but on drt and concrite not on ice, you can drift light tanks, cant stop them, cant climb cuz you are on ice skates not on tracks
    -Make arty easyer to spot not 50m if it is in the bush
    -less dmg per granade game last longer, or more hp per vehicle(at least for high tier vehicles)
    -bonuses for last alive(you must have some amount of dmg to acuire bonus, dependable of enemy hp)
    -less gold for clans more for individual play
    -personal missions more focused on single player so that we dont need frends in enemy team to finish them
    -disable possibility to show wn8 rating in battle, show wg rating

    thanks for reading

    p.s. this is not all but it is already toolong


      WHY !!!