Wednesday, August 16, 2017 [ZJ] ContourLook Build 033 Demo By ZorroJan

Advertisements [ZJ] ContourLook Build 033 Demo By ZorroJan

Active until 21.08.17.



  1. Not had one CTD all 9.16, then within an hour of updating these ZJ's my first CTD of 9.16, maybe coincidence but.
    Seconds before the crash i noticed the contourlook wasnt active.. seocnds later.. CTD
    I use the this contourlook, direction marker and reload timer. I dont use the aimbot or the other marker thing what ever that suppose to do.
    Just for the feedback. thanks for the good work.

  2. Replies
    1. You did something wrong !!!
      Been playing with this for the past 5 days, it's working just fine.
      Plus 25k downloads so far for patch

  3. thanks plaz , as always we can rely on you :)

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    1. Open the home page ffs, there is a solution until ZJ comes back. Only this place has a working realod, direction box and contour mod.

  5. During in game my tank doesnt move and shoot my turret only