Saturday, November 26, 2016

Because Why Play Fair At All ?!?


Because Why Play Fair At All ?!?

DISCLAIMER: my rant on the subject of rigged events, acc boosting, forbidden mods and the whole paranoia about it all.
Yesterday, while traveling, I had to kill some time. As usual I browsed thru some youtube videos (free corporate internet :) ). Since one of the subscribed channel is ProTanki (Yusha, the fellow that makes the ProTanki mod pack) I saw a new video regarding the Tank Ace's rigging. OK, what the hell, let's watch it. (VIDEO)
I never even tried to chase this event since I (honestly) have ZERO chance even being among 10k. After watching the video I just had to check this whole story by myself.
Oh boy, did I open a Pandora's box.


The video shows some unicum gameplay done only for max results (a lot of gold ammo, calculated every move etc). Let's understand the event correctly, you need FIVE connected great games for this. When was the last time you had FIVE great games in a row ? (OK, unicum platoons I know you can do it). Then he actually showed who is in the top the current stat list for RU region LINK.
I expected them ALL to be superunicum's with +60% win rate and +3000wn8. Well some of them are, but...
Some are just medical miracles that got from zombie status to super unicum.
Must be vitamins ?!? Right ? NO !!!

Screen shot from the video, these fellows are in the TOP 3 !!!

Just look at the change in stats over time, those must be some strong vitamins.

Let's look at SEVER22751.
From average to  super unicum. OK, he was lucky for a month.


__xXx__164  - FIRST PLACE FCM 50t
Nice reroll, 600 battles and a super unicum tier 10 acc.

But here comes the first medical miracle.
From 1000wn8 to consistent 3000wn8 ?!?
This fellow is the Centurion Action X - SECOND PLACE !!! 

THIRD PLACE - Grille15:

FIRST PLACE - Grille15

FIRST PLACE - FV215b(183)

OK, WTF is going on here ?!?

Must be some mod pack, there must be a logical explanation for all of this...
As usual I went thru the forums, site's, blog's etc - NOTHING.


Finally I had to ask someone who actually makes money on grinding other people acc's. No other solution looked plausible. I should not have done that, but curiosity killed the cat. 

So I started with some regular questions over Hangouts and I got so much info that we eventually moved to Skype and talked for an hour and a half. I will not roll on anyone here but let's just understand who this fellow is. He will grind you any tier 10 tank in less than a week. He can grind up to 2.500.000 credits per day for you. He plays on 3000wn8 level consistently. Yes, all that for money and yes he is that good. (played several times with him random battles, holy shit I suck)

In short, the most (to me) interesting parts:

Q: I just saw the ProTanki video on Tank Ace's being rigged?
A: So, what did you expect ?

Q: Are you telling me you got people asking you to do that event ?
A: Yes, simple where there is demand there will be supply.

Q: Is that even possible to do with certainty ?
A: Yes, fixed matches.

Q: Why even do it ? The actual prizes are available for money.
A: Why not ? It's the "who's got the biggest dick" psychology. Pay 50e for a tank or have a unique badge, tank, be on some "glory" list and not even break a sweat. Why lose time and nerves if you can pay for it ? 

Q: OK, I know the theoretical method of fixed matches but how likely is that to happen ?
A: It would take time and it would cost money (for the customer) but it's quite possible to do.

Q: This needs some preparation ?
A: Well, as I said, with some luck and a some intricate mod settings. I got a long list of friends, if they are on the same map we will get connected over TS and we can roll. Online at night is on our side.

Q: Guess that some special mods are needed ?
A: Actually no. Usual (legal) mod pack with added Tundra, x-ray and destroyed objects. XVM is a bit modified to recognize friends. That is sufficient for me. 

Q: AimBOT's ? Are you telling me you play for 6+ hours a day without aimBOT's ?!?
A: OFC, after 2-3 hours you start to loose focus. Then I use some "help". Essentially, NO aimBOT can aim better than me but when I'm tired or just grinding credits it's a good solution. This is why so many people that I grind acc's for already have aimBOT's attached to their acc. It's just easier for them. Most of my customers are around 1000wn8 players and just don't care about learning the basic mechanics. Where to pen or basic tactics is just not for them - they are casual players.

Q: Are you telling me that you are are OK with that mindset ?
A: Who cares ! They pay for their ignorance.

Q: Don't you get annoyed by aimBOT's in random ? Getting shot by braindead and penned every time ?
A: Every time ? If that happens I must have been in the wrong place at the wrong moment. Tactics are bad or I just went full retard (it happens). Any other explanation is just a way for a bad player to blame his mistake on someone else.

Q: What about personal missions ?
A: C'mon, how many times did you see vegetables driving T-55A ?

Q: How do you play on your personal acc ?
A: Platoon always. Alone, I get focused because of XVM and with MM going mental, things get bad very fast.

Q: How much demand is out there ?
A: A lot less now, most people already have everything they need. WN8 boosting and tank grind is the best moneymaker at this moment.

Q: What if some of your customers got banned ?
A: Never happend. Some lost their T-22SR. Apart from that, no problems so far.

Q: What about the WG fight on illegal mods ?
A: The only way that will happen if some mod maker sells his ass to WG and leaks his data base. Guy's that make good money from that (ZJ, PF, SAE) are not even thinking about it since they make a lot. WG would need to offer ridiculous amounts of money to them. Even if they do, that would be just a small percentage of mod users. To me, it makes more sense to add some statistics module to a popular mod pack. Your friend Yusha with his ProTanki would be the perfect candidate. Jove also. They have nice income from WG directly anyway, why not kiss ass some more.

Q: How do you see the situation if WG actually bans EVERYONE with forbidden mods ?
A: I hope so !!! (Laugh) I would make a ton of money since grinding would become very popular again. Most of the fellows that I grind regularly have no problem paying every month just for credits. I do it for less money than WG (if you payed with real money) plus their stats go up.

Q: What would you do about forbidden mods ?
A: Nothing. If they are that good, I would be out of business. They will help below average players and make the gameplay easier (less focus dependant) for regular players. But if you are a vegetable, there is no cure for that. WoT is about team composition and position. If you can "read" the team composition correctly and use positions from here you can deliver damage and not get hit, you are doing it correctly.

Q: Future WG tank events ?
A: Thank you WG, I would be very happy.

Q: What is your opinion on the personal missions ?
A: When it started it was great. Easy way to grind credits, if I'm not mistaking you could get about 14 millions credits plus all the crap (equipment and consumables). Now, most are stuck somewhere and I get to solve that ONE problem. Bad for business.

Q: How do you fight a losing streak ?
A: Change the acc that I grind. But in a platoon, it almost never happens. Premium time + premium tank, you will make money even if you play like a monkey. WG made the income balance very good. If you pay, you are fine.


Everything's an illusion. Why even bother ?



  1. Hahahah love the picture :D

  2. The moral is: Where there is demand, there will always be supply. Has nothing to do with WG

  3. I understand that there are people that will help you for money etc. but:

    My overall WN8 was around 1300 for 5k battles. I was casual gamer also.
    Then i started watching YouTube videos (circon, qb, dez and a lot of replays) and i got better. Not long after that i found this site and aslain....downloaded many mods (actually i stopped using a lot of them over time as i got better in this).
    Last step was buying Cromwell B during Berlin Trio and 700 battles ago i bought Scorpion G....So i got 1,9k battles in CromB and 700 in ScorpG....
    My stats improved....My overall WN8 is now 1700...Recent 1k battles 3700 WN8 and recent 112 battles 4113 WN8.... (I've got GTX860M 17" notebook (60 fps with common drops to 20-30 because of mods)(i play fullhd - SD client - and min shadows, high terrain quality and high textures so tanks dont look like shit) and play 90% of my battles from work over 120ms ping GSM internet connection or overcrowded work WIFI...I cant even tell you how many battles I've lost because of sudden lag spike or fps drops or because i had work related emergency or just problems with shitty mods....arty one-shots are not helping also ;]
    And because i only play Crom and of my tanks have shitty stats (probably would rise them now if i started to play those tanks again)
    I think that I'm not the only one....You can get much better in this game over 1k battles if you just focus, learn and try....then you can install mods which help also to deal some extra dmg and Pay4Win helps also...I never buy Prem Time but scorpion make enough money to run constantly with Food and fire 4-8 round of gold every battle....
    And i still have much room for improvement...I could search for good friend for platoon or join good clan and learn from them....and imagine if i would play on better PC with better connection and had peace and quiet (not be at work)....i think another +200-400WN8 no problem

    1. But the biggest difference is that YOU actually care getting better. You learn, you evolve, you criticize yourself. This is what makes a great player.

      Happy hunting mate...
      (hope to have in my team, enemy's with your mind set are bad news :))

  4. impossible to have 2k battles in past 24h wotlife is bugged

    1. definitely not possible max if you play 24h per day (with average game length of 5 min) is 288 games per day