Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas !!!


A small thank you note from me to the whole PKWOT community and blog friends.

Dear fellow tankers,
For PKWOT blog 2016 was the best year so far regarding the numbers of visits and income.
This community has proven to be one of the most active on the EU server.
Thank you all for your help and support.
Thank you for all the visits and your endless clicking on the (God damn !!!) popups :)

We had finally lived to see WoT working with +100FPS and I can only say THANK YOU WG, FINALLY !!!

As to the income,
not many of you know but all the money from the blog is donated. During this year, with generous donations from BlackWoT forum, income from pop-ads and Ad Sense PKWOT has managed to (almost fully) transform one kindergarten.

One year of you visiting this blog has payed for the following:

1. Five 20 BTU Air conditioning units plus installation.
2. Five 2.5 kW panel heaters.
3. Seven children safe hand driers (yes, apparently not every hand drier is safe for children) plus installation.
4. Ten 72W LED panels plus installation.
5. Five 32inch LED SMART TV's (complete with wall mounts, micro SD 64GB cards, safety extension cords etc)
6. External video surveillance system with 12 HD IR cameras.
7. A whole mountain of coloring books, crayons, watercolors etc.

All in all, you people made this 2016 magic !!!

I wish you all a happy Christmas, spend it with your families and loved once.
Enjoy life, enjoy your holiday.

See you soon on the battlefield,
and as usual:




  1. Merry Christamas!! And great job on the Kindergarten!
    Sir Rocco Esquire

  2. We are very grateful for your site
    We wish you a Merry Christmas team

  3. Wow this is great PlazmaKek! Merry Christmas to you and all that visit this site!

  4. That is delightful, I am happy to see that all those (GOD DAMN POPUPS!!!!;D ) went to a good cause! Thank you for hosting this community!

  5. Sretan Božić tebi i tvojoj obitelji ! Nisam znao za ovu donaciju vrtiću što te čini velikim herojem, svaka čast !
    Merry christmass to you and your family ! I didn't know about kindergarten donations and that makes you a great hero, thumbs up !

  6. Happy Holidays and thank you for your efforts here and in the real world.