Saturday, December 3, 2016

News Regarding The WG Planned Ban Wave Part 4 (and some random rant from me)


News Regarding The WG Planned Ban Wave Part 4
(and some random rant from me)

*DISCLAIMER: I was a bit busy doing my REAL job (wow, you really got one ?!?) and this is what went behind the scenes in the past several days. I just want to express my utter disgust with the whole PR campaign regarding WG "cleaning" WoT.



Logically a huge amount of info came in, everybody wants to help. Thank you all for that.
For now NO 100% solution is found but (long story short), check this:

(names and IP'a are deliberately removed)

My internet wizard:

Mav approved letting you all see his email:



Yes, you are reading correctly. 4cheat community is working on a petition for WG. Simply asking them to reconsider some of the mods and not ban EVERYONE since it's ONLY counterproductive. (why is it counterproductive, read ahead).

Basically, STEELKABAN (the coder behind the famous KABAN mod pack) has provided some 15 points on why this whole story and the way WG is implementing it is wrong.
The actual text is closed, but when the petition is fully ready, I will translate it and publish it on the blog.


ZJ Statistics:

What you see here is ZorroJan (ZJ) statistics on daily usage of his free mods. As you can see (I had hard time grasping the size of the numbers) 250.000 users EVERY day use his mods on RU cluster ALONE !!!

250k KARL !!!

(my rant start here) Are you fucking kidding me WG !!! You want to ban them all ?!? WTF is wrong with you ? Seriously, 250k users per day just by ONE coder, where is the rest ? And this is ONLY the free package. Holy fuck !!!
Also on the graphic you can see a drop on the 11th. No, not banned users, just on that date there was an update for the ZJ's free package. 
So at this rate just to ban ZJ users WG will need 14-15 ban waves ? Looks like the Roughneck was right, next ban wave will be larger. I can see 9.17 being the emptiest update so far.


Asskissers hype:

I understand that a lot of people have no clue on how mods actually work and think it's a fucking magic powder that you sprinkle on your Maus and it will drive uphill 60 mph. But man, did WG PR department really outdone itself this time. EVERYBODY went so happy like WG fixed all other REAL problems in one patch and gave everybody 10.000 gold for free. Fucking hell people, I understand that you get payed by WG but at least show the story from both sides, don't just blindly read what you got from WG. As for the regular players being happy: you do understand that you don't get raped by mods, it's the lack of your IQ. No mod can help there.


PR stunt of the year:

Yusha, the man behind the ProTanki youtube channel and mod pack made a video about, wait for it, how he got banned !!! WTF ?!? Why ? VIDEO LINK
Well, he is banned for a week for rigging tank ace's event. Yep, apparently he gave someone his acc to boost. True or false ? Version TRUE: because he can't grind and produce content at the same time, why not pay someone to play on a superunicum level for him. Version FALSE: best PR stunt by WG this year for sure.
Maybe even more scary: WG system going full mental. I can understand if a 700wn8 / 47%wr player is suspicious in tank aces but Yusha is a superunicum. Makes you wonder...


Armored Warfare is removing arty as a gaming class. Yep, you are reading this correctly....

Meanwhile WG is offering a UAZ Patriot WG edition.
On the RU forums they are laughing their asses of with this one.
The car is shit, but not as bad as the game - this would need to be the new PR line.  

Also I checked how is the illegal mods market doing. This I did not expect:

Mods: sales are the same (total revenue), slight conversion from permanent packages to 1-3 months subscriptions. 

Explanation why: No one believes that WG will ban all, it's insane. Who will play ? - most common answer.

Acc boosting: Increase in sales.

Explanation why: mostly rerolls are wanted, with 1-2 tier 10 tanks, I would suspect if the player is banned he can then continue his activity from the other acc. Also people are ordering 2 new rerolls at the same time, just in case apparently. The market is gone totally mental.

The logical question is: so banning everyone will help the game ? Keep on dreaming...



  1. Awesome compilation Plazmakeks!!!

    Keep the fire burning!!!

  2. I'm kinda split on this. I want the banning to stop, but on the other hand it would be hilarious to look at the faces of WG when they ban pretty much their whole SUPPORTIVE (people who actually pay into the game vs. taking advantage of a completely free game) player base away.

    1. plus as a quick side note to my comment above, i (to date) have spent almost $4000 (canadian $) in 4.5 years of playing the game between gold, premium time and premium tanks. Thats almost 1000 per year from 1 player and i imagine there are many other people spending at the same rate or higher, imagine if all that cash flow just stopped because WG managed to ban them off.
      I even know 100% legit players who left the game shortly after the "fair play" announcement, scared that innocent players might get caught up in the banning mess.

  3. game/joke is over ..... I already uninstall game since 5 days ! so long amigos, we got a good time !!! and many BIG THANXS to all the modders to give us a lot of fun in that fucking game !!!
    bye !

    1. Same here bigfriend, game deleted today, and here I come Armoured Warfare...
      Seems I have a short tolerance span to game dictators ;-)

  4. i think morons guys have ruined the game because without this mods I don't play anymore, all games that began with crap like this ended up in bankruptcy. . .(ex NFSW)
    A better solution can be to stick all these modes in the game for all players to benefit them all equally
    FUCK all WoT idiot team !!!

  5. WG NA removed me from top tanker event i dont use cheat mods and never have account shared so now im quitting the game for good i submitted tickets asking why no reponses saying why just the usual automated bullshit response saying their system is automated and great maybe its from using a VPN i dont know but its unfair to me and im done getting screwed over for no reason in this game, done.

    1. Same hapenned to me. Got removed... not illegal mods, not sharing account. LOL they say fixing matches... i'm a noob (mostly) doesn't even know how to do that... not in a clan... so how the fuck can I rig this stupid game? I was in top 100 with jgpanzer E100, got lucky in 5 battles... so what? tickets... for nothing... not leaving the game yet... but what a crap company WG is... and the bots... omg... i prefer a battle against an entire team o guys using WP and not a single bot in mine... real players can help me defeat (sometimes) a very good team... but bots... omg... the bots... sad... fuck u WG...

  6. Well got banned, used Protanki and ZJ, forgot to check my pyton log after updates, but well, I don't mind much. First of all if WG thinks that banning +3K sorts the issue then they may also just piss in the ocean and watch the water level raise. Furthermore if WG does not want to support cheats, why is there a res_mods folder? Furthermore, till today there is no clear official protocol of what is legal or not, and still they ban people all while the other 99% of players using cheats are not harmed, so as such this is just another anti-egalitarian action. But again, who cares right?
    I was a daily player, spending regularly money on the game. Now WG forced me to play and discover other games during 7 days... Fair enough…
    Sorry WG, this matter could have been handled in a way more “constructive” manner, but your lack of corporate maturity made it turn into an issue which you were not able to handle before, and which you will be even less able to handle from now on. It took me 1 day to swap to WoT in the past; you can bet that it will not take me more this time to find my next favourite online game. Congrats WG you have just lost one regular paying client...
    Now you might tell to yourselves, 1,that’s peanuts, and I totally agree, just don't forget that the greatest oceans are ever only assembled and individual drops, and sorry to tell you dear Mr WG, your boat is taking water, drop by drop.
    You inflict sentences based on any clear and defined regimentation, you assume, you conclude. More importantly, the “mod community” contributed way more to your game, by inventing concepts, ideas, enhancements and improvement s and on top totally free of charge for you for and open source, compared to the “harm” which the usage of forbidden mods could ever make in WoT.
    Mods have never been an issue to you “Saint WG”. Mods are actually the fuel that kept your game running till now. Some scream for fair play. Sure, me too. But this means simply, that it would have been way smarter to create a battle mod where only WoT features are available nothing more point. See the "organic" freaks would have played there in peace, and on top I’m sure many mod user would have pop by and give it a shout "just to see" But... you decided to apply a blind and financially suicidal, childish and totalitarian solution...
    So here we are “holly WG”. See before WoT I had a fav. Game, then you came across my path, today you forced me to look out for my next "fav" during the following 6 days... You seem quiet arrogant to me, if you think that there's nothing better then WoT out there. And why would I sponsor and pay people in the future which apply a LAW which is BASED ON NO CLEARLY DEFINED RULES and WITHOUT ANY CHANCE OF DEFENDING MYSELF? (And don’t give me the pathetic reason that it would take too much time to list all forbidden mods, YO GUY’S ….I pay you money for this. And if you have to recruit 150 ppl to get this done in a proper way, then this shall be you problem not mine.) Nevertheless my problem is to get banned in the future because I did not GUESS your rules right. Every action triggers a reaction. You beaned me, now I ban you WG, good luck to you and.... learn.... ;-) THE END

  7. Hi all ! just a question: what will going on if banned players start to create each one some accounts they will never use ? is it possible to saturate servers with that method ?

    Piracy is a reason of life !!!!

  8. The guy from the video who got banned... he was clearly using aimbot... see the second game, at the end of the video.

  9. I have problem with ppl using auto-aim mods - they should clearly be banned. With regard to some of the others I've seen on here; distructibles, direction indicators, tundra and even reload counters I think they should be in the game anyway. 1.In the stupid game now you if you play td you see a fence or tree get knocked over but YOU DONT SEE THE TANK, wtf is that all about, the real tank crew would have seen it! 2. Reloads - a real crew seeing an enemy fire would count the time for the next shot - why don't WG use that as part of the BIA perk - it would be more realistic and remove the 'illegal' aspect. 3. Tundra. My conn and laptop suck, if WG cant approve even lower graphi settings in game what else can they suggest to increase fps a little?