Saturday, March 5, 2016

9.13 GeeMod 9.13H (04.03.16.)


9.13 GeeMod 9.13H

Changes in 0.9.13 H:
ADD: Hitmarker ZJ (Thx 2 Nikos823)
ADD: Arty Intuition
ADD: Red Poll (Thx andreamodding)
CHANGE: XVM Config J1mb0s (Thx andreamodding)
UPDATE: Shader File for Tundra (Thx 2 Elements of Life)
FIX: SafeShot will not longer enable/disable with Volume Key
CLIENT: 6. Sense Sound have now Preview Sound!
CLIENT: Crew Voice have now Preview Sound!
CLIENT: Misc Updater BugFixes
CLIENT: Misc Client Bugfixes