Sunday, August 21, 2016 HD Camo

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- combine with WoTRC (all tanks in HD camo patters) Fog Remover By AtotIK

Advertisements Fog Remover By AtotIK Minimalistic Hangar Fully Black By Predator_44_

Advertisements Minimalistic Hangar Fully Black By Predator_44_ Reticle Collection


9.15.1 Reticle Collection

- 12 separated reticles with optional color scheme
- all folders contain a preview picture Helpics Modpack v 1.8.7 (20.08.16.)

Advertisements Helpics Modpack v 1.8.7 Apollo's Pack v1.4

Advertisements Apollo's Pack v1.4

- Added some mods & cheats
- Added "backup res_mods" option
- Added Wot Tweaker
- New fashion (hope you like it)