Monday, September 12, 2016 Blue Light Gun Sight By Shtys & Akwotker

Advertisements Blue Light Gun Sight By Shtys & Akwotker Helpics Modpack v 1.8.9 (10.09.16.)

Advertisements Helpics Modpack v 1.8.9 Hawg's Battle Loading Flags

Advertisements Hawg's Battle Loading Flags

NEW MOD ! Hawg's Battle Loading Flags.
This mod will replace the stock or any other contour icon JUST on battle loading,
with real flags of nation of each tank .This mods only works in battle loading.
So you can keep your favorite In game contour icons. Easy to install. FV215b HD Remodel By Milkym4n

Advertisements FV215b HD Remodel By Milkym4n T-62A Remodel (Battle-Hardened) By Milkym4n

Advertisements T-62A Remodel (Battle-Hardened) By Milkym4n

When Testing PlazmaPack Works :)


YES, seal clubbing :)

Replay Link PlazmaKeks Mod Pack V.4.0

Simple & stable.
Based on OMC mod pack with some addons.
Nothing special inside. PlazmaKeks ModPack V.4.0

- 100% stable
- NO fps eating mods

Change log:

- still waiting for some mods for the pack :(
- ZJ mods updated
- Added Blue Light gun reticle by Shtys + Akwotker
- Screen shots are now updated