Friday, October 28, 2016

9.16 Tundra Script By PolarFox With BlackSky Option (UPDATED)


9.16 Tundra Script By PolarFox

F2 - ON/OFF - Tundra
F11 - ON/OFF - BlackSky


Because We Actually Love This Game


DISCLAIMER: I have been cooking this in my head for a long time, but this video has pushed me to actually sit down and write something. I love WoT, but after 5+ years and numerous disappointments I will try to summarize what needs to be redone or our favorite game will turn into total shit. If anyone from WG even looks at this, please, this is written with best intentions in mind.

If you don't like to read a lot, feel free to skip this post.

Thank you...

PS: sorry, gramma nazi's will have field day with this one :)
PS2: not PG12 content :)