Tuesday, September 19, 2017

9.20.0 Hawg's Pack


9.20.0 Hawg's Pack

This mod pack is full of the best of Hawg's own mods, that Will  improve your play.
This pack Complies with WOT Fair Play Policy.
Its the Best pack that push all the rules too the limit on the Wot Fair play policy.

Change Log:

 1# Fixed Medium Platoon Icon on Minimap , now you can see your platoon icons, when in medium tanks.
 2# Added Hp =  ( Hitpoints of tank )  to Tank Carousel.
 3# Added New HawgPen File " LevelIcon" now you can Turn On/Off  In Battle the level icons above the Tanks.
 4# Made Players Names & TankNames more noticeable on Players Panel
 5# Disable Online Players in Login screen , It was not working properly .

In the Hawg's pack is :
(1)  Hawg's Xvm  
(2)  Hawg's 60 x zoom
(3)  Hawg's Arty zoom out
(4)  Hawg's AutoLogin
(5)  Hawg's AverageDamage indicator
(6)  Hawg's BattleScore
(7)  Hawg's DamageLog
(8)  Hawg's 2 to  row Carousel
(9)  Hawg's DamageLog
(10) Hawg's HighCaliber indicator
(11) Hawg's Hitlog
(12) Hawg's Platoon icon markers
(13) Hawg's Tank Sky Zoom Out
(14) Hawg's Postmortem Helper
(15) Hawg's Total HP Tracker
(16) Hawg's SixthSense
(17) Hawg's Real Time Battle Score
(18) Hawg's Contour Icons
(19) Hawg's Blue SkyDome
(20) Hawg's Needel V_2 Damage Indicator  (NEW)
(21) Hawg's DamagePanel
(22) Hawg's Paintball
(23) Hawg's Small Carousel Flags
(24) Hawg's RadialMenu
(25) Hawg's Grim Reaper Battle Stats
(26) Hawg's Spg & TD Tactical Minimap's 
(27) Hawg's Cap Circle
{28} Hawg's WOT players button
(29) Hawg's Mark of Excellence
(30) Hawg's Army Shell's
(31) Hawg's Advance MiniMap Arrow  (NEW)      
(32) Hawg's Target Arrow



  1. Excellent. How do I disable some? Can I add others?

  2. I says on first page
    "Hawg pack compatibility with all other mods you want to added. "

    what do you want to disable ?